December 21st - Capetown, South Africa
Done, over, no more, we have arrived! We have sent our final mailing and are looking forward with mixed feelings to coming home. The last pictures can now be seen where they always are. (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Capetown, South Africa).

November 27th - Port Elisabeth, South Africa
We are finishing up! The flight back home has been booked, the last stamps have been put in our passports; we are travelling through luxury South Africa. The are photos from Mozambique (Maputo), Lesotho and South Africa online. (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Port Elisabeth, South Africa).

October 26th - Maputo, Mozambique
Some pictures available again of the arduous journey through the north of Mozambique and the tropical paradise in the south. (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Maputo, Mozambique). To see what we have seen (or might have seen) while diving with Diversity in Tofo, see this website.

August 20th - Lilongwe, Malawi
After a long period of silence we have finally made some new pictures available again and sent out a newsletter. We also just picked up the mail you have sent us, thank you very much again, the next postal addres will be in the Netherlands again! New photos can be seen here: (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Lilongwe, Malawi).

July 29th - Moshi, Tanzania
From Masaka we have biked towards Arusha, including some great days through Masaai country, to meet up with Koen and Rafaella. With them we did a fantastic Safari. They also brought all your mail, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
New photos can be seen here: (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Moshi,Tanzania and Moshi, Safari).

July 6th- Bukoba, Tanzania
We have visited our project in Masaka and have made some new photos available (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Donators, Thanks and Bukoba, Tanzania). If the image of the names of donators is not clear enough, you can find and enlarged version here.

June 14th- Douala, Cameroon
There are some new pictures online of the Rift valley, Kenya (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Eldoret, Kenya).

June 4th - Nairobi, Kenya
On the edge of being overweight  (together we had 100 kg of luggage) we arrived in Nairobi. Strange to make a jump like this.

June 1st- Douala, Cameroon
There are some new photos about the last stretch of ringroad in Cameroon (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Limbe, Cameroon). Also we uploaded some videos of our ascent of Mt Cameroon. Today we fly to Kenya!

May 17th- Bamenda, Cameroon
New photos have been put online about Nigeria and hilly Cameroon (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Calabar, Nigeria and Kumbo, Cameroon).
A videoclip from Nigeria:

April 20th - Kano, Nigeria
We have sent a thriller about Anansie and the nigerian border crossing (see sent mailings). Also some new photos have been made available (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Kano, Nigeria).
We have finished the last arduous stretch of Sahel, and are cycling south again through Nigeria in the direction of Cameroon.

March 23rd- Cotonou, Benin
A new mailing has been sent (see sent mailings) en new photos have been put online (see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ Cotonou, Benin).
We have got our visa for Niger and for a little while, about 10 days, we are cycling north!

Februari 20th- Kumasi, Ghana
Ehm, not, our apologies. After the theft in Bamako (see Sent mailings) and more dust, we biked throught Burkina Faso to end up in tropical Kumasi, Ghana.From Ouagadougou we already uploaded some images, here are some more:
http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and Kumasi, Ghana)
Burkina Faso and Ghana are relaxed, it becomes less dusty and the food is more diverse! Fresh pineapple, mango and cocnut, and in the evening we have a choice! Oh yeah we also passed the 10.000 km barrier (actually, we are almost at 11.000)!

January 5th- Bamako, Mali
After een arduous journey, where we just missed the Paris-Dakar rally, we arrived in Bamako. Some photos:
http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Kayes and Bamako, Mali)
As we are here for multiple days to arrange visa, to rest and to see Malis great capital, more info will follow shortly.

December 26th - Tambacounda, Senegal
Merry christmas and a happy new year everybody! New pictures available from our trip through the Gambia and Senegal:
http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Tambacounda, Senegal)
And thanks to everyone who sent us poste restante mail, it was a big party in Banjul!

December 17th - Sukuta, Gambia
New pictures available from our trip from Noukchott to Sukuta, The Gambia: http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Nouakchott and Sukuta)
sorry for the short message, maybe tomorrow more

November 23rd - Nouadibhou, Mauritania
After a long tiresome but great drive through the first etappe of the Sahara, we havereached Nouadibhou. Though internet conditions are rough, still some new pictures. More news after etappe 2 from Nouakchott. Photos can be found again here: http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Nouadibhou)

November 12th- Laayoune, Morocco
Wiesje recovered somewhat and with 110 kilometers per day we ride throught the first stretch of Sahara desert towards Laayoune, where we prepare for the second part towards the Mauritanian border. Photos are available again here: http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (see Laayoune)

November 1st - Tiznit, Morocco
Because our intestins are having a break, so are we. Just before we will be making miles towards Layoune and Dakla. In Tiznit there is and internetcafe where I can see the movie I made, so now so can you:

Because our intestins are having a break, so are we. Just before we will be making miles towards Layoune and Dakla. In Tiznit there is and internetcafe where I can see the movie I made, so now so can you:

If your pc is somewhat new, you probably just have to click the link to see the movies, otherwise please contact your local nerd.

October 31st- Taroudannt, Morocco
We have crossed the Atlas! The wind proved to be more difficult though. Unfortunately no pictures of annoying kids, but a few of the mountains. Ins Allah next time a small series of movieclips. For now full speed ahead against the wind towards Laayoune and the Mauritanian border! Again a few pictures have been uploaded, see http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ (at Taroudannt en Ouarzazate)

October 14th - Fès, Morocco
We have cycled a nice trip, via Chefchouen and the Rif mountains to Fès, where we try al the local dishes and have our 4 day vacation. Before we departed we have collected the poste restante, thanks for sending!
Below are some sounds we have recorded in Spain, turn on your speakers and listen.
Vultures in Lumbier
Deer in the Extremadura

We also uploaded some pictures from underway, as usual you can find them here (http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ )
The next stretch will lead us though the High Atlas mountains, where the lines on ur map are dotted...

October 7th, Tanger, Morocco
Were eating our bellies full in Tangiers! Some news photos again available here (http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/ ) More elaborate news in about a week from Fes!

August 25th - Toledo, Spain
Two days of rest, yesterday we washed, today we´ll be enjoying Toledo, Spain.We might even have some icecream, as we have a smal party to celebrate: our first 2000 kilometers! News photos here: http://www.cyclingsouth.nl/images/photomatic/

August 18th - Lumbier, Spain
Another day of rest in, now in Lumbier, Spain. Photos are hier. We also sent a newsletter.

August 27th
Our gear on display has moved here