This is a small thank you list of some of the people who helped us before out departure:

Arjan Zuidervliet - He helped by making a nice program that we use to easily publish our pictures on our website (if the Internet cafe we use is a bit cooperative). He worked until late into the night before our departure, thanks.

Tom ┬┤Tour de Ville┬┤ Appeldoorn - the always sceptic Eindhoven messenger Don helped out by gathering our last minute repair materials and a lot of our gear. (and of course Roberts music)

Michiel Agema - Assisted us with the last tuning and double checking of our bikes and gear and advised on on the tools to bring along.

Bram van den Broek - helps with out with a lot of our administrative affairs at home, and helps keeping the website in the air. He also put together two extra electrical gizmos that will help Robert charge his batteries while riding his bicycle.

Willemien Korf - Wiesjes mother helped out in the last few hectic days before out departure. She also helps out with a lot of Wiesjes administrative affairs and is the most up to date of all people. (She almost knows every capital of all the countries we will visit)

During the journey:

Mohamed Ouchen - A funny berber electricien from Tiznit, Marocco, near Bab JDid in the medina, who helped fix two of Roberts electro-gadgets so that he can finally use his batterycharger. It took about a day, and Robert spent some time alone using all of Mohammed dangerous equipment, but it beats just wandering around the medina for another day.